Thursday, October 6, 2011

The A to Z of Me. Then the A to Z of You.

I got this from "A to Z of ME! (You are next!)" which was posted by Beautifully Invisible.  She got it from someone else, and you can link to that from her blog.  While we're talking about Beautifully Invisible, let me say that I've become a follower.  First I created a Damn Twitter account because of her. Now this.  Anyway, she has some great blog tips, so be sure to visit her site if you're interested in or are already blogging.  She also writes about fashion. I'm not a fashionable person so those don't interest me that much.  You'll read about my fear of fashion in a future blog, so let's get back to the A to Z.

A. Age: 37.  Nothing more to say about THAT.

B. Bed size: King. My husband decided recently we needed a bigger bed. I LOVE it. I especially love it when he's not in bed with me because I like to lay diagonally across the bed with my head hidden under the huge king sized pillows.

C. Chore that you hate: All of them.  Seriously. My husband does most of the chores. I'm trying to pitch in more now that I'm not sleeping my life away due to meds and/or depression.  Okay, the ONE chore would be unloading the dishwasher.  I'd rather load it. Don't ask me why. I really don't know.

D. Dogs: None. Our landlord doesn't allow pets. This does not bother me as I'm a horrible pet owner.

E. Essential start to your day: A shower.  I don't function well without a shower first thing in the morning.

F. Favorite color: Red. It's vibrant and bold and eye catching.

G. Gold or Silver: White gold.

My wedding set.  Pretty much the only jewelry I wear.

H. Height: 5'3''.  I love being short.

I. Instruments you play: Flute.  I started with the viola but we moved and the new school didn't have string instruments. I still want to know how to play that instrument.

J. Job title: Nothing too exciting.

K. Kids: Four. Two stepkids and two biological.  Three teens and one younger.  Parenting is one of those things you don't know you suck at or that really don't enjoy until it's too late and then you can't quit.  I love my kids. I just don't love being a parent.

L. Live: Foster the People.  They were great live.  In California.

M. Mother's name: Starts with a B. No, not THAT B word. Sheesh, people, I love my mom.

N. Nicknames: Jock-Strap Heimlich Maneuver.  That's from middle school. Fortunately it didn't stick.  

O. Overnight hospital stays: Having children.  Having kidney stones.  Having a hysterectomy.

P. Pet Peeves: Inconsiderate parkers.  People who leave their carts in the middle of the parking spaces.  Blamers.  Whispering.

Q. Quotes from a movie. "You think I'm gorgeous, you want to kiss me... You want to hug me... You want to love me... You want to hug me... You want to smooch me... You want to..." -- Gracie Heart from Miss Congeniality and "This is the first time I've seen you look ugly, and that makes me happy!" -- Annie in Bridesmaids.

R. Right or left handed: Right.

S. Siblings: One older brother I barely know, three younger brothers I don't see or talk to very often. We're not a really close family, sadly.

T. Time you wake up: 6:20 am on weekday. Well, 2:00 am and 6:20 am.  My body has decided it needs to wake up at 2:00 am every morning for some unknown reason and I can't seem to retrain it.

U. Underwear: Victoria's Secret.  Got some new ones I really like, but I only buy them on sale.

V. Vegetable you hate: I don't really hate any vegetables. I don't like most vegetables, although I like them more when steamed by someone else.  I'll go with peas here. I pretty much never like peas.

W. What makes you run late: I hate being late. HATE IT. If I'm late it almost always is due to my kids or husband or both.

X. X-Rays you've had: Lots.  Teeth, lungs, back...

Y. Yummy food that you make: Sour cream chicken enchiladas.  White chocolate cheesecake.  Libby's Pumpkin Roll.  That's pretty much the extent of my cooking abilities.
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Z. Zoo animal: None. I'm not an animal or zoo person.

Let me know if you decide to answer these so I can read all about YOU!

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  1. ABC

    A: 54 but I often forget & look in the mirror thinking "who is that old lady"?

    B: bed size; we officially have a California king b/c my husband is 6'4", we have a large dog (Hodor) who sleeps with us & I'm a combative, restless sleeper. But we also have a twin, & a queen that I rotate to often

    C : chore I hate, hmm, dusting . It's moving all that stuff that gets my goad!

    D : we have a golden. His name is Hodor & I'm a little too neurotic without him by my side, lol

    E : essential start to day - coffee & shamefully, I mean S-H-A-M-E, a ciggarettes

    F : fav color- I often can't make up my mind, but I've decided it must be pine-tree green b/c everything I have that can be, is.

    G : gold or silver. I don't really care but probably rose gold is the prettiest

    H : 5'4". I was 5'4.5" & I gained back that 1/2" that I lost in adulthood thru neck surgery but apparently I've misplaced it again

    I : instrument I play. I used to say I played guitar & sang; that is until I had children who turned into "real musicians" I have 5 son's. Oldest went to Berklee, plays professionally guitar, plays piano better than I ever played guitar but says "no I can't play the piano...' teaches, makes $, has a CD, website etc
    #2 has perfect pitch, literally & is a gifted pianist . Oh & all 5 of them sing.
    #3 son, flute BY EAR! (as well as can read music, any type)
    #4- who is an identical twin to #5, tried Cello but really wanted guitar or drums but had an agreement w/his co-twin that he cd have the drums...& He, #4 wd take MMA. He sings like an angel
    #5 drummer. He & his brother joke like when you're at an "AA" MTG with "Hi, my name is _____, and my mom has no rythmn

    J : job title. Well I've tried to give myself one. I was an RN, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVED & grieved over, literally, when "Ehlers Danlos Syndrome" took me away from it. So, now, idk what I am 😕

    K : five son's. I loved, loved, loved being a mom. We had alot of fun; they have now all flown the coop. I have one gorgeous & wonderful red-haired granddaughter (yes, I'm a red-headed) who is a GIRL!

    L : I guess I have to say James Taylor but I must admit that I've only been to ~5 concerts & that 30 years ago!

    M: mother's name, starts with an "E" & she's amazing, wonderful, beautiful & 91;

    N : nickname, nothing interesting although in girlscout camp was dubbed with "Pokey" & of course my bf was "Hokey"

    O :overnt hospital stays - way too many to talk about & also 10 years worked straight night-shift

    P: pet peeve- have to cone back to it; not sleeping!!!!

    Q: quotes "you killed my father, prepare to die"...

    R: ambidextrous

    S: one of each

    T: time you awaken. Unfortunately all friggin hours of the night. I give up the ghost though anytime after 0400. Oh, that's my pet peeve

    U: underwear, MUST be 100% cottone hipsters

    V : vegetable hated. Probably those little round lettuce looking things. What are the called!

    W: what makes me run late? - besides everything?

    X : x-rays . Too many

    Y: yummy food "I" make, lol.
    Dark chocolate with peanut butter

    Z: zoo animal. I love animals. Watching them in the zoo is depressing but watching the cats (large) run in the wild!