Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catch Up Time

Not catsup or ketchup time. Time to catch up. Got it? Good.

This is like a Thursday wrap-up for my Inelegantees or Randomeers or just followers. Whatever you want to be called if you read my blog regularly (or at least as regularly as I post which isn't regular at all). Hmm. I have the weirdest feeling that I'm either still slightly inebriated or manic. Or both.

But, anyway! I have all these ideas in my head to write up, but no time to write them lately. And when I do have time, the words don't flow. So this is just going to be a very random post.

Phone update: My phone is very much like a toddler who wants to repeat her favorite words: shit, daddy, hottie, Hu, Jim, ver and various random letters that might be words in a language I'm not familiar with... I'll be contacting Verizon today to see exactly how much it will cost to exchange this phone for the iPhone 4s.
Hellion as a toddler. I don't really remember her favorite words.
Abuela and some other Spanish word for  monster that I have no idea how to spell. And no, of course.
Getting healthy update: I have not been getting healthy food and exercise wise at all. Too much alcohol. Too much fatty, unhealthful food. Not enough exercise. Though I did discover I can work my abs, thighs and butt while driving - enough to be a little sore the next day. I'm trying to decide between hosting another DietBet and joining the Whole Life Challenge or possibly both. The Whole Life Challenge would be, well, challenging to say the least. I don't eat fruits or vegetables much. Basically everything I do eat is on the "not allowed" list. But I realize I feel like shit for a reason and my crappy diet plays a big part in that. I'll be writing a blog post about this soon and will be having some giveaways. So come back!

Bipolar update: I'm still having some manic times. Or I'm just happy. My daughter asked if I was drunk already last night (at 6:30 pm) and I hadn't had anything to drink. She said she's not used to seeing me so talkative and happy. This greatly saddened me. And, btw, I hadn't had a single alcoholic beverage. I absolutely despise the Zyprexa. I have dry mouth - actually dry entire body and I'm hungry ALL the freaking time. I also crave salty foods like you wouldn't believe. Because that's not enough, even if I take it at 7:30 or 8 at night, I'm still groggy until about 9 the next morning. Between the Zyprexa and the Effexor, my memory is crap, I'm gaining weight, and I've lost what little sex drive I had. So yah, there's a trade-off for being stable on meds. You get fat, senile, drowsy and become celibate. Lovely indeed.

Can't remember where this came from, so if it's copyrighted and I need to take it down just let me know!

RAK: I used to be really big on random acts of kindness but I've been slacking of late. Last night I gave up my chair at the concert to a pregnant lady and that got me thinking. I'm going to start a monthly giveaway for RAK. None of my giveaways will be great - I'm not rich and I have no "sponsors", but hey it'll be something free for doing something nice.

Moving: I'm all moved but not all unpacked. The boxes are starting to stress me out. Hopefully I'll get them unpacked this weekend.

That's enough for now, lovelies. Please take a moment and comment so I don't feel so alone out here in cyber world! Also I'm rushed so just ignore the grammar and spelling mistakes, please!!


  1. You always know you're not alone.. Silly girl! ;)

  2. Just a thought: Maybe you judge your happy by what you think other people call happy. There is too much emphasis on sex everywhere you go and it ruins a lot of really good relationships. So don't panic, it may lead you into some long and wonderful relationships.

  3. Good luck with the move transition. Never easy. Always nice to have a community of people to talk to who care as that can help you get through tough times. You are doing a good job of that.

  4. Moving is such a pain, especially the unpacking! Good luck!