Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm Not a Nice Person

I have a couple of friends who insist on analyzing pretty much everything I say and do. They seem to have a hard time just listening. Just being there.  And one of these friends then does pretty much the exact opposite in her own life.

It's not that rare, I know. It's so much easier to tell others why they do or say things and what would be better to do or say.  Tonight? I found myself analyzing someone. Okay, that makes it sound nice. What I was really doing was being a bitch. I'm REALLY good at that.

So here's the scenario. Reading through Facebook posts (Tweeties, hush now!) and I come across a complaint about working a 12 hour day, spending an hour cooking a meal from scratch, and the kids eating it all and being gone from the table before the mom could even sit down.  Of course everyone else commented on what a great mom this person was, pointing out things that might help her feel better:

  • You're an awesome mom
  • At least your kids ate it, my kids won't eat
  • Sounds like you made something they liked
  • Try doing this
  • Try doing that
Then there's me: What you do is not cook from scratch after a 12 hour work day. 

Bitch Comments & Graphics
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That was actually the nicer version of what I originally wrote, which went along the lines of "You're a sucker. Don't cook after a 12 hour work day - save it for days you don't work or at least work less hours." Along with some other variations.

Her response was that she enjoys cooking for her kids and only gets to do it every other week.

This is when my extreme bitchiness set in and my THOUGHTS (Edited: 10/26/12: I did not POST these thoughts on FB because I realize they were way out of line) went along the lines of, "You obviously posted this to get people to tell you what a great mom you are and that you're under appreciated. If you're going to bitch about spending an hour cooking after a 12 hour day and your kids eating without you, then don't cook. Maybe cook when you don't have them and freeze it so you can spend that hour doing something with them. Also? You made the decision to end your marriage, so it's your own fault you only have them every other week AND that you now have to work 12 hour days."

Yep, I was THAT bitch. And I shocked myself. Especially since it's not like I haven't posted similar things. Sometimes for exactly what I said above: I wanted/needed someone to tell me I was a good mom. But more often than not I just needed to vent, I needed to know someone else was feeling or had felt this way before, and I fully expected some sarcastic comments.  Also? I made the decision to leave my husband, and everything I'm going through right now? My own fault! So, yah, way worse than my aforementioned friends who at least didn't get that mean about things! (Or did but didn't verbalize it.)

Best Friend Comments
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My most bitchy comments usually come from feeling inadequate and jealous. I do recognize this and try to curb it. And the person above? I've been battling my jealousy of her for years. She took my best friend, BGB. (If my best friend is reading this and trying to figure out why I've nicknamed her BGB,she just needs to think about the song she always says describes her.)  I knew in my heart that my best friend needed her - I'd moved 2.5 hours away when BGB needed a best friend the most. She helped bring BGB out of her shell, reminded her how to have fun, had her back at all times.  And all I could do was watch from afar. She's also in great shape, has fantastic boobs and is completely confident in herself. She goes after what she wants, stands up for what she believes in, and doesn't put up with any shit. Frankly, she's kind of a conceited and rude at times, but if she's your friend you'd better believe she's going to be there for you no matter what. AND she fricking cooks from scratch after a 12 hour work day? Wth? I don't cook from scratch on a day off. 

The moral of this story? Don't be my friend on Facebook and make sure your settings are for only Friends (not Friends of Friends). Otherwise? Expect sarcastic comments. Not bitchy, because I usually filter those out, but definitely sarcastic. And if you are my friend? I probably do actually like you - I just get jealous and cranky at times. Don't be afraid to call me on it. 


  1. Apparently there are some misunderstandings on this post. All I posted on FB was "Don't make dinner from scratch after a 12 hour work day." That's not me going off on my friend. Also, the post itself is not me going off on anyone. It's me saying I have bitchy thoughts that I realize stem from my jealousy of this person, who in all truth has been a great friend to my bff.

  2. I totally understood what you meant. That's why I've started steering clear of FB. It's a magnet for drama and bs from IRL people. P.S. I'm a bitch that way too and had a very public breakup with my former bff over similar events. I get it.