Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lasik, a boob job, and Hawaii - My Wish List

If you follow me on Twitter or are a FB friend or fan, you probably already know that Christmas is my least favorite holiday. And maybe you know how that came to be. I had a post on it once, but I think I got guilted into deleting it. I think I'll write another for Parent Society. I'll let you know. Anyway, that's not what THIS post is about.

For the past 16 years or so, every year has involved Christmas wish lists. Some years the kids wrote their own letters before I could even broach the subject; other years we all sat around the table doing Christmas crafts (hey now, don't laugh! I did actually used to be quite the crafting parent), coloring in a picture I'd printed from somewhere and writing in our lists. Sometimes we'd make a crazy, fun list first - all the things we wanted. But then we'd make more realistic lists. I would join in and try to set a good example by asking for inexpensive items, most of which were practical but also a few fun things. I'd also be sure to not ask for TOO many things.
We'd use a printable like this one from
Color it in and write out our lists.
But I really like this one from

This year I'm not doing the wish list with the kids. I'm on such a tight budget that reading Hellion's list will just depress me further. She's 10 going on 17. She wants everything and none of it cheap.  She'll probably get some duct tape, a cutting board, and other craft type stuff. Pajamas, cuz that's a tradition! Phone case, iTunes gift card, stuff like that.  The other kids are 17, 19 and 19 (no, not twins). I guarantee I probably can't afford even one item on their wish lists. So it comes to down to that wonderful saying, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." It won't be much, that's for sure.

So, no list making with the kids. It's my turn to make a list of what I really want. Why? Because the fun is in the imagining!
Oh Hawaii, how I've always longed to visit...

  1. An all expense paid week in Hawaii. This would include paying for my time off work, because I don't have enough vacation time to actually take a week off from work and still be able to pay my bills. All food, drink, air travel, lodging, and recreational activities would be included. Although I don't know that I'd want to do much recreation - sitting on beach drinking and eating for a week would be good enough!
  2. A new stereo for my car, including installation (because it's not like I could figure that out on my own). It doesn't have to be too fancy - I just want to plug my phone in and play my music through it. 
  3. A bigger TV. Mine is 32in. So, pretty much anything bigger than that. LED, 1080p.  Of course then I'd also need a stand for the TV or a wall mounting kit.
  4. A new bed. Queen sleigh bed would be awesome. Maybe tempurpedic - but really anything good quality. 
  5. Home theater system so I can listen to music on something other than my laptop and for good quality sound while watching movies. 
  6. Lasik surgery. For reals. I hate waking up and not being able to see anything. Or being in the shower squinting at my leg. Plus if I were to actually go to Hawaii I'd like to be able to buy and wear sunglasses without having to worry about contacts or prescriptions.
  7. A boob job. This is MY list. Let me dream. Yes, I'd like a boob job. My tube sock/deflated balloon looking boobs could really use some help. This would also be good to have before the Hawaii trip.
  8. Wardrobe overhaul! Tossing out everything I own and starting from scratch. Good quality clothing that fits well.
  9. Wine, wine and more wine. Red. Cuz, duh!
A bed like this one - the headboard slants back, the footboard isn't too tall.
This one is from City Liquidators.
I think that pretty much sums up this year's wish list. What's on your list? And please don't give me any of that "I just want my kids to have a good Christmas" or "It's not about gifts" crap. This is a time for daydreaming - for the fun, outrageous, ridiculous.

By the way, I was attempting to put together a Gift Ideas board on Pinterest with fun and unusual gift ideas for those special people in your life. But life got busy, work got busy, so it's not quite as developed as I'd like. You can check it out anyway...


  1. Giving kids everything they want doesn't make them understand the sacrifices that went into getting them those things. As long as you show love to your kids they will be just fine. As far as you many of those things will happen for you just not as soon as you would like. Excellent blog though I give it a A+. :) Mike S.

    1. I don't want to give them everything they want. I want to give them SOMETHING they want. Have you never seen something you knew someone would love and wished you had the money to surprise them with it? It's like that.

      Thanks for the A+. The nerd in me values that way too much!

  2. I am old and have thought back on past Christmas's and it never has been a gift that has been remembered. What is remembered is the things we did to celebrate Christmas. Ask your children what they got five years ago for Christmas and I bet they can not remember. Years ago I asked my children to tell me what their favorite memories were and not once did it include any of the items that my husband and me had worked overtime to get for them. I have a wish list for you also, I wish that you would not let other people steal your joy, I wish you could see what you have not what you haven't, most of all I wish you could see you through the eyes of those that love you and then you would be content.

    1. The Christmas that stands out the most to me is the one my dad gave me a watch. Maybe that makes me materialistic, but there was so something and thoughtful about that watch when I was a kid. It got lost in a move a few years ago and it hurts my heart when I think about it.

      I am incredibly grateful for all I have and regularly thank God. But we can all wish and dream at times. And that's what this post is about... My daydreaming wish list, my wish that I could buy my kids that one special gift, especially the child who would least expect and most appreciate it.

  3. Great list girl. The only way we can get the kids things for x-mas is by saving every single month. I have $25 a month automatically deposited into our ING account. It helps to save a little each week or month, then things don't seem so hard when December comes.

    1. This year has been a bit different with the separation. I've had to use money I'd hoped to use for Christmas on other things. I'll probably wind up using my credit cards some but I'm going to limit it as much as possible. I know the kids won't really mind. I'm hoping to come up with some very thoughtful gift ideas for them since I can't get them big ticket items.

  4. I hope you get at least one of the things on your list! One year, when my kids were still young enough to have fun with this, we decided we would all make gifts for each other. I still have the funniest Christmas comic one of my kids made for me and cool artwork from the other. I don't know why we never repeated the tradition...

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