Monday, January 28, 2013

Be Jealous

I'm tired. I want to cry because my shoulder aches. My feet are throbbing. My back is strained. And I started to feel a little sorry for myself. I was also feeling a little jealous of others.  Today I heard or read about the following things:

  • A friend's three week trip to Honduras.
  • A friend's 10 day meditation retreat along with an upcoming three week trip to France.
  • A friend's upcoming trip to India. 
  • A friend's shopping spree. 
  • A friend's great birthday & all the gifts she either bought herself or received from others.
  • A friend who doesn't have to work full-time while going to college.
  • A friend who gets to be home with her kids after school.
  • A friend who just returned from a fabulous girls weekend. 
So, yah - feeling a little envious. Not that I want to take a three week trip to another country - that's not really my thing. Mostly I'd just like to have the time AND the money to take three weeks off work and do something relaxing and fun. And I'd love to go shopping for some fun stuff - my wardrobe is lacking in clothes that fit well, aren't stained or ripped or just out dated, my bedroom walls are bare, etc. I worked full-time and raised kids while going to college. 

But then I stopped to think about the other things I heard or read today. A relationship is ending & the person is devastated. A friend is raising an autistic son pretty much completely alone while working a full-time job. Someone's family member has cancer.Someone is ill. Someone is having to make a choice between paying bills and taking their child to the doctor. Someone desperately wants kids but is realizing it's probably not going to happen for her.

And I realized that some people are, and maybe other people should be, jealous of me because...
  • I'm exhausted and achy because I filled in a shift at the coffee house. Two out of three of the volunteers bailed on their commitment for one reason or another. I'm tired because I got to be of service and help raise funds to end sex trafficking. What better reason is there to be tired than that of helping others? And how fortunate am I to be able to give my time?
  • I'm broke partly because I splurged a little this paycheck. I bought Hellion a birthday present (which resulted in a present for me as well - since buying two was a MUCH better deal than buying one). And I rented a jacuzzi suite for a nice relaxing night last weekend. I also donated to two different groups and watched a homeless man's face light up when I stopped traffic at the stop light to give him a few dollars.  I'm broke because my bills are paid and I have groceries and gas. At least I could cover my necessities without having to make a choice between paying my electric bill and taking my child to the doctor.
  • I was surprised last weekend with an amazing day of wine tasting in Napa Valley. The weather was perfect and I had a wonderful time.
  • Other people say they don't have time for things, but they can't really tell you why that is. I can tell you. I don't have time for much because I volunteer two nights a week and am working on a certain kind of  recovery in my life. I take notes, provide refreshments and serve as a representative for a meeting I attend. I work a full-time job. I spend time with my youngest. And occasionally I sleep. Less occasionally I work out.
  • I reached out to others today to remind them that they're beautiful and that they aren't alone. For a few it was just what they needed right when they needed it most.
  • Others reached out to me today, listened to me, hugged me, and reminded me that I am beautiful and strong and not alone.
  • My kids are healthy and happy. They may make me question my sanity at times, but I am so blessed to have them in my life. 
  • I have so many people in my life who love me for who I am, accept me flaws and all, and who forgive me my many mistakes. 
I am a blessed being. And my biggest hope for my life is that I am somehow a blessing to someone every single day of my life. 

One last thing? It's WAY past my bedtime, so excuse the run on sentences, poor grammar, and lack of photos to break things up. Good night, my lovelies, good night.


  1. It's hard to read all the awesome things other people do. I'm glad you got some perspective. Sounds like you do have a lot to feel good about.
    Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for what I have.

    1. Thanks (a little delayed) for the comment. We all have things to be thankful for, but it can be so easy to forget sometimes as we look around at others. Living in this snobby place I often forget how really great I do have it - it's why I try to volunteer or do things that expose me to the reality of others!

  2. Social media has a great way of simultaneously making us feel like crap & then guilty because of all of the good things that we have.

    I'm glad that you found some things to pull you up.

    1. Great summary of social media. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!