Friday, April 20, 2012

Am I a Sexy Mama Blogger

So, Parents Connect is hosting a Sexy Mamas Month. I'm slightly disturbed that this is being hosted by a Nickelodeon sponsored website, but I love the "we're not perfect, we're parents" subtitle for this site.

And I decided to nominate myself, because what could possibly be sexier than a middle-aged mom of 4 who does burlesque? Ahem. (That is a rhetorical question - I don't really want to know what you think is sexier than that because it will probably involve disgusting ideas or ones that will make me jealous and insecure.)

I need to practice some Burlesque poses. My stomach really isn't that poochy!
Girls Night Out - headed to the Baked: A Cannabis Cabaret show.
My shirts reads: Yes, I am and no you can't watch.

Parents Connect has three questions.

What makes you feel sexy?
Burlesque! I feel so incredibly sexy when I'm practicing my burlesque moves.(Never mind that my kids vacillate between looks of horror and extreme laughter.) I take performance classes sometimes (see the videos and prior blog posts for more info). One of the first things we're told is to take a few minutes after we get out of the shower to put on some music and really look at our naked bodies in the mirror. To dance, move, and touch ourselves the way we'd want our lover to touch us - feel the music and appreciate our own bodies.  It doesn't matter if I'm practicing naked in front of my bathroom mirror, in a class in regular old workout clothes, or on stage in a burlesque costume. The music, the vibe, the acceptance makes me feel incredibly sexy.

Who's your sexy mama role model?
Indiana Bones. No joke. That woman is a single mom of two kids, and she is one of the sexiest women I've ever met. She's also one of my burlesque instructors. She assles. (More on that another time.) She's a great mom to her two boys, but she recognizes the importance of expressing ourselves as women.  She's a great inspiration. In fact, I think I'll interview her for an upcoming blog post!

What's your best tip to help other moms feel super-confident and sexy?
I have to steal from Indiana Bones and Jay Siren. Get comfortable with your body in front of a mirror - touch yourself the way you want to be touched. Revel in your unique beauty. Nothing is sexier than a woman confident in her own skin.

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